Things to do

Explore some of the attractions in and around Southwold.

Alfred Corry Museum


The ‘Alfred Corry Charitable Trust’ was set up in 1994 in order to restore and preserve the 1893 Southwold No.1 Lifeboat ‘Alfred Corry’ and the Museum is situated at the end of Ferry Road at Southwold harbour

Southwold Maize Maze


Southwold Maize Maze is a giant puzzle of pathways within 8 acres of maize which grows as tall as the tallest person you know & probably even taller!

Southwold Model Yacht Regattas

The boating lake next to the pier

Model Yachts have been built and raced in Southwold for around 100 years. The Southwold Model Yacht Regattas, SMYR for short, is an informal organisation that arranges a series of races on the yacht pond in Southwold each Spring and Summer.

Southwold Railway Trust


The SR Trust is dedicated to preserving the memory of this special little railway and re-opening as much of the old route as we can.

Dunwich Museum


The museum tells the amazing story of Dunwich, a city lost to the sea.

Southwold Lighthouse Tours

St James Green

Southwold Lighthouse stands in the middle of the historic resort of Southwold, in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coast. Southwold Lighthouse is a coastal mark for passing shipping and guides vessels into Southwold Harbour. The lighthouse i …

Under The Pier Show


Take some change, and be prepared for a few surprises and laughs

Electric Picture Palace


The cinema is run by the Southwold Film society – a charitable organisation celebrating the traditions of British cinema and classic films.

Southwold Museum


Southwold’s unique cottage museum is owned and managed by the Southwold Museum & Historical Society and has an astonishing collection of objects, paintings, photographs, models and wildlife exhibits.

The Amber Museum


The only museum in Great Britain dedicated entirely to tell the story and the history of amber.

Coastal Voyager


A Coastal Voyager cruise can take you slowly through breathtaking scenery and the deep V hull means that she gives an amazingly smooth ride even in a heavy sea.

Adnams Brewery Tour


Tours of the distillery are for the over 18s only and include a tutored tasting and a little something to take home.