Royal Mail Stamp Featuring Southwold to be issued on 18th September


Southwold, which we know is one of the most iconic traditional seaside towns and it is to feature on a new stamp. The stamps, issued on 18th September will capture the essence of a seaside holiday enjoyed by so many visitors every year and the Southwold stamp will feature the famous lighthouse.

Now you can collect the new stamp by owning the postcard (pictured right with the stamp) specially issued just for Southwold. It features the new Royal Mail Southwold stamp and has been postmarked Southwold – 18th September 2014 – the stamp’s first day of issue.

So that you and as many Southwold residents as possible are able to own this national tribute, the postcard is completely FREE – you just pay £1 to cover the postage and packing costs.

Simply click here to find out how you can get the postcard and / or the stamp.